• Question: what do you think is the most important part to your job

    Asked by kathrynmitchell1 to Alex, Claire, Kate, Marcus, Neil on 20 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Marcus Johns

      Marcus Johns answered on 20 Jun 2014:

      Sometimes it seems that checking and replying to emails is the most important part of my job! As I’m still in education, it is really important that I am in a position to pass at the end of 3 years in order to gain my doctorate. To do this I need to publish the work that I do, which needs to be new and original. To do this I need to come up with new ways to solve existing problems and come up with original ideas, so perhaps the most important thing is being creative and being able to apply that creativity.

    • Photo: Claire Brockett

      Claire Brockett answered on 20 Jun 2014:

      Team work is probably the most important part of my job. Due to the complex nature of what I’m working with (the human body – so anatomy, biology, physics, medicine, engineering… all sorts of things) I can’t be an expert in absolutely everything – so working within a team of experts means I do a good job and we get good results!

    • Photo: Alex Lyness

      Alex Lyness answered on 20 Jun 2014:

      Hey kathrynmitchell1,

      At the moment, for me the most important part of my job is the patients I’m trying to help. The research I did during my PhD will hopefully mean that the device I worked on will eventually be on the market.

      However, the research and development I’m doing now is to develop a device that will be used on patients early next year. Therefore it’s really important that it works correctly and performs as it is intended in clinical trials. It’ll mean that I have a few sleepless nights over the next 6 months but all will be worth it if I can help play a part in helping the patients quality of lives.

    • Photo: Kate Niehaus

      Kate Niehaus answered on 22 Jun 2014:

      The most important part of my job right now as a student is to always be willing to keep learning!

    • Photo: Neil Dhir

      Neil Dhir answered on 24 Jun 2014:

      I think, certainly for us who are doing PhDs, is being creative and asking questions, and never to stop asking questions. For us it does not matter that you are not the best of the best, if you do not have any imagination. What use is someone who can solve differential equations in their head, but not ask any new questions about those equations?

      Human knowledge is pushed by being inquisitive not by rehashing old tunes.