• Question: What do you do in your spare time?

    Asked by talha to Alex, Claire, Kate, Marcus, Neil on 18 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Claire Brockett

      Claire Brockett answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      Hi talha
      Away from work, I do archery (I used to be really good at it, but I don’t train so much now) and I also play guitar and piano. At the weekends I like to go out with my friends.
      My research group often get together to do fun runs, like the race for life, but I’m not a very fast runner – although I do enjoy it!

    • Photo: Alex Lyness

      Alex Lyness answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      Hey talha,

      In my spare time I organise a conference every year for people to understand more about health and wellbeing. More info can be seen here on the website I made: http://www.luhealthconference.co.uk/

      I also play rugby and football in the winter and go climbing and cycling in the summer.

      It’s always good to have interests outside of work so that you can let some steam off. Work hard, play hard!


    • Photo: Marcus Johns

      Marcus Johns answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      A lot of things! I’m part of the musical and theatrical societies at the university and also play alto saxophone in the concert band. I watch a fair bit of TV and also try to read books when I have the chance. I also go out with my friends at least twice a week – to the cinema, gigs, the pub, etc.
      I dislike sitting around with nothing to do, so always try to keep myself busy!

    • Photo: Kate Niehaus

      Kate Niehaus answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      I run quite a bit – I really rely on running to clear my head everyday! I also like to read, draw, and write when I have some spare time by myself. Otherwise, I usually spend time outside of work with my friends – cooking together, eating, hiking, traveling, or just hanging out.