• Question: what are the main illnesses that you can get and how can you stop them getting worst?

    Asked by lea986 to Kate on 23 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Kate Niehaus

      Kate Niehaus answered on 23 Jun 2014:

      Hi there!

      Oh my, there are many many different types of illnesses! We are still working to try to understand how they are related and whether some diseases that seem similar are actually different from each other.

      Some of the major illnesses that affect England right now are:
      – Heart and vascular disease – this includes things like heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure. Heart attacks are when you get little clots in the arteries that feed your heart. Since the heart muscle can’t get blood, it can’t pump, and this obviously is not good for your body! Strokes are the same, but the clot is in your brain.

      – Cancer – cancer is when your cells keep multiplying and don’t know how to stop. Usually, cells divide and then after a little bit they know how to kill themselves and stop. But because of mutations in the cancer cells, they can’t stop dividing, and they can start spreading and invading other organs in your body.

      For these diseases and others, there are many factors that determine whether you get them: your genetics, your eating habits, your stress levels throughout life, and also a good bit of luck. Some things are just a result of our bodies getting older.

      In general, it is always a good idea to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, exercise, sleep enough at night, and to keep a positive attitude. People who have healthy behaviours like this can still get sick, but they often get better more quickly and live longer.

      Let me know if this answers your question!