• Question: how do you make engneering fun in life?

    Asked by erhpls123 to Kate, Marcus on 27 Jun 2014. This question was also asked by hanif69don.
    • Photo: Marcus Johns

      Marcus Johns answered on 27 Jun 2014:

      Hmmmmmmmm, engineering is always fun for me – that’s why I chose to do it as a career! As you get older the things that you find ‘fun’ change a little – I still find going on roller-coasters and playing games with friends fun, but I also find working in the lab and solving problems fun. It’s just a slightly different type of fun – although creating a material that feels like a jellyfish and letting slide through your fingers is definitely fun in the playful way!

      It’s quite difficult to find a way that makes tissue engineering fun for younger students – there aren’t any quick experiments that you could do that create something amazing or pieces of equipment that can be used to create something, unlike mechanical engineering where you could create a working machine or civil engineering where you could create a miniature bridge or building. But I hope that my enthusiasm for my work and subject comes across and makes it at least slightly fun for you!