• Question: are you involved with the robotic legs for people who are paralysed ?

    Asked by lea986 to Neil on 23 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Neil Dhir

      Neil Dhir answered on 23 Jun 2014:

      Not directly no, I do not build anything physical. I work in pure maths and programming, trying to work out the theoretical foundation for human motions so as to create a model which could in the future interact with robotic legs for humans. Robotic legs for human are nothing but metal and cable, if they do not have an intelligent operating system, which tells it how to act, move and explore in the world. A system like that is very very hard to design, because what you are effectively trying to do is to copy the function of the brain, and that is not easy. Not in the least because we do not really know how the brain works, we can merely observe what happens when it has done some work (i.e. through the actions your body perform as a result of you thinking).

      Directly I am not involved, but indirectly; very much so. Give it a few years, and hopefully I’ll be able to show you some cool stuff that I helped design, which in the future will help paralysed people walk again.