Thanks from your winner, Alex

Thanks to all you kids who voted for me on I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here over the past few weeks. I’d also like to thank the other engineers (who shared the load of answering all the great questions that were sent our way), the teachers for entering their schools and the moderators for pulling together such a great event.

I really enjoyed telling everyone about my journey from playing with Lego as a kid, to picking an engineering degree at university and now into a career designing devices that deliver stem cells to make people better. I also enjoyed answering questions along the way about needles, injections, diseases, wrinkles and even sharks!

I look forward to receiving my I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here official mug and a cheque for £500! The prize money will be spent later in the year when I visit some schools (maybe yours?) and hold some interactive lessons to show kids how engineers can fix people by designing inhalers, injectors and delivering stem cells.

I know all of you will not want to become engineers, and that is OK, it is not for everyone. However, hopefully a few of you will like the sound of designing and making things that fix people when they are ill and injured; and that would be a pretty cool job to do and very good news for the people you will help in the future.

Good luck 😀

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